(3216) Hot Potatos
Nikhil Rajdev
Lakefield College



This experiment uses a model to examine the ocean s temperature and global warming. It examines which type of circular shaped object (reflective substance) is the best to help reduce the heating of the oceans temperature and global warming. The results could help reduce and find a method to reduce global warming and the heating of the oceans water. In turn this may help the future human generations survive. Global warming is the heating of the earth s atmosphere and the increase in the average temperature of the earths atmosphere near surface. Warming starts when the green house gases keep the heat and light inside the earth s atmosphere.

In this model the water represents the earth s oceans and the balls represents the reflective substances that are on the earths oceans.


A model represents global warming, our atmosphere & the heating of our water. In this model, reflective substance, black paint is added to Styrofoam balls. Normal Styrofoam balls is added to the water and changing water temperature is observed. The model will look like Styrofoam balls on top of the water and there will be three types of coated Styrofoam balls they are black, white and a reflective substance on the Styrofoam balls. The independent variables that will be compared are the three types of Styrofoam balls. The dependent variable will be water temperature. The temperature will be measured by using a thermometer every ten minutes the heat source has been on. If the reflective substance has an effect on warming then the changing of the water s temperature will indicate a change every ten minutes. The volume of the water, the same heat, light system and the temperature of the air will all be the same. It is expected that the reflective substance will reduce the heat change of the water because it has been observed that the tin foil on the Styrofoam balls will release more heat than normal Styrofoam balls as they reflect the light and heat away. The purpose of the experiment is to examine global warming and see if a reflective surface will reduce the heat accumulation of the water.


1 red alcohol thermometer
Enough Styrofoam balls to fill the surface of one Styrofoam container
Aluminum foil
Black paint
A 60 watt bulb
heating source
Styrofoam container